Mini Shape-It Floor Cushion 3 Pack

SKU: AB-70720222307

Colour: Black
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Our Mini ‘Shape-It Floor Cushions’ are perfect for primary children of all ages and can be used both in the classroom and outdoors.
The Mini Shape-It Floor Cushions can encourage children to sit still while reading, playing or listening.
The beans inside the Mini Shape-It Floor Cushion will mould to the child's shape providing excellent, eugenomic soft seating.
Make your reading corner cosy with the Mini Shape-It Floor Cushion 3 Pack, include them in an outdoor den or take them onto the grass for an outdoor lesson.
Our floor cushions don’t have to just be used flat, if you flip them on their side, the beans will adjust to the new shape and make cool mini seats for both kids and teachers to enjoy.
Our kid-friendly fabric is strong, durable, water resistant, UV resistant, wipe clean and machine washable.
  • Approx Floor Space Required : L91cm x W91cm (when used flat)

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