Metal Whisks for Sensory Play Set of 2

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Creativity is boundless, especially in young minds ready to explore, experiment, and forge new paths with unique combinations and discoveries. Our metal whisks are designed to be the perfect companions to little explorers venturing into the world of messy play.


• Durable and Safe Built to last with sturdy metal, these whisks can handle a myriad of materials, offering children a safe tool to create their masterpieces with.

• Ideal for Messy Play Designed explicitly for messy play, these whisks are perfect for swirling, mixing, and inventing muddy concoctions.


• Develop Gross Motor Skills With each swish and swirl, children develop their gross motor skills, promoting coordination and physical development.

• Encourages Creativity Whether it’s merging previously unconnected materials or finding new ways to use familiar materials, these whisks are the gateways to creative exploration.

• Learn Through Play Messy play is not just about fun; it’s a vital learning process. It encourages children to experiment, learn, and grow, all while having a great time.


  • Size: Each whisk measures 21 cm in length, offering a good grip for little hands to hold and maneuver.
  • Weight: A lightweight design at 110 g ensures that the whisk is easy to handle for young creators.
  • Usage: Primarily for messy play, encouraging both learning and play in young children.

Order Today and Watch the Little Creatives Blossom

Our Jumbo Metal Whisks are not just a play tool; they are an instrument of learning, fostering creativity, and aiding in the gross motor development of children. Bring home a set today and watch as the little ones invent, create, and learn with joy and wonder.

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