Magnetic Time Tracker

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The Magnetic Time Tracker is perfect for helping children keep track of time.
The Magnetic Time Tracker is easy to programme, the green, yellow and red sections track time from one minute to 24 hours.
The lights and sounds help students visualise and hear how much time remains.
When it's time to get in the car, eat the peas, brush teeth, put the toys away, get dressed, turn off the TV, get out of the bath,you won't be asking your kids for the zillionth time, or wondering to yourself, "Has it been 5 minutes?" Give them the choice.
Would you like the Portable Magnetic Time Tracker or mom and dad to keep asking? They'll pick the Portable Magnetic Time Tracker, It's funny how if the Portable Magnetic Time Tracker says time is up, kids are putting toys away and getting in the car - and mom and dad are a vision of smiling silence.

Magnetic Time Tracker

  • Keep track of time in an amusing and colorful way with the Magnetic Time Tracker.
  • Designed with green, yellow, and red lights that light up as time counts down, this timer is an extremely easy way for kids and adults to cheerfully keep on task in a timely manner.
  • Set it to count down from anywhere between one minute to twenty four hours with the two yellow arrow buttons.
  • Have it sound an alarm with lights, sounds, or both for any situation.
  • Display it anywhere for everyone to see with its tabletop stand or magnetic adhesion back.
  • Great for all uses in the classroom and at home.
  • Lights catch the eye and sounds call attention, the Magnetic Time Tracker is an effective way children and adults keep on top of time-limited tasks.
  • Magnetic Time Tracker A timer with lights and sound to track time
  • Encourages time management
  • Visually pleasing and easy to use
  • Green, yellow, and red light up as time is counted down
  • Set for 1 minute to 24 hours
  • Easy to set yellow arrow buttons
  • Alarm can be set as visual, audio, or both
  • Ideal for home or classroom
  • Magnet sticks to any metal surface
  • Flip out stand for table display
  • Made of durable materials for lasting use

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