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Introducing our magical creation - Magic Snow! Experience the wonder and joy of winter anytime, anywhere with this captivating test tube filled with magic snow powder.

Prepare to be amazed as you mix a small amount of Magic Snow with water. In a matter of moments, witness the incredible transformation as the snow powder expands to a remarkable 100 times its original volume, filling the air with a flurry of fluffy white snowflakes. It's like watching a winter wonderland come to life right before your eyes!

But the excitement doesn't stop there. Our Magic Snow ensures endless enjoyment as it can be conveniently stored for months.
Simply spritz a little water regularly to keep the snowflakes hydrated and fluffy.
It's like having your own piece of winter magic that won't melt away.

Should you wish to start anew or explore different creative possibilities, the Magic Snow can also be left to dry out. Once dry, it can be reused countless times for hours of entertainment. Building snowmen, creating snowscape dioramas, or embracing the sheer tactile pleasure of our super-soft flakes - the possibilities are truly limitless.

Not only is Magic Snow an incredible sensory experience, but it also makes for a fantastic gift for kids and adults alike.
Channel your inner child and let your imagination run wild with this tactile wonder. Add a touch of magic to your life and immerse yourself in the joy of winter with our enchanting Magic Snow.
  • Mix the Magic Snow with a little water and watch as the snow powder instantly expands to 100 times its original volume, creating a mass of fluffy white snow flakes.
  • The Magic snow flakes can be kept for months by regularly spraying with more water.
  • Alternatively, they can be left to dry out and reused all over again.
  • The Magic Snow is extremely tactile and lots of fun

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