Lounger Bean bag Chairs Set of 5

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Liven up learning this term with this attractive set of large bean bags.
It’s best to keep the day dynamic if you’re working in a classroom.
Kids can learn better if they get to switch between activities often, and get up and move in between sitting assignments.
Since bean bags are easy to move, they let you rearrange your classroom as many times as you need to throughout the day.
Bean bags offer a great experience for the sense of touch.
They have an interesting texture that can spark lots of student questions about how they’re made.
And if the kids want to run and jump onto the bean bags, they won’t get hurt, so these chairs promote interaction.

Older kids can even move their own bean bag chairs, which is a fun activity in itself.
This helps you keep the classroom engaging throughout the day.
These bean bag lounger chairs are the perfect accessory to any sensory, school, college, university or library as they create a seat students are excited and interested to sit on and encourage more focused learning and engagement

These bean bags can be used in a variety of ways, such as use in a reading corner or "chill out zone", a fun study area in a classroom or as a comfortable furniture set for the sensory room.

These bean bags are so versatile they can be used anywhere you can think of – even the staff room!! They are made from a wipe clean, indoor/outdoor polyester meaning that they can be taken outdoors if you hold classes outside during the summer.
The fact that they are filled with polyester beans means that they are extremely lightweight and easy to carry for anyone from the age of 10 years.
The bean bags are also big enough to seat a large adult so perfect in a supervised sensory environment.

  • 5 Lounger chairs provided each measuring
  • Each Lounger measures 60x60x75cm

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