Long Mural Chalkboard

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Mark Making made fun with these perfect focal points.
Allow Children to create and engage with experimental art play with the stunning Long Mural Chalkboard.
The Long Mural Chalkboard is a versatile and practical addition to any indoor or outdoor space. Measuring at an impressive length, it offers a unique canvas for children to express their creativity and imagination. Perfect for any classroom, playground or outdoor activity center, the Long Mural Chalkboard is a must-have for any educator or parent looking to encourage artistic exploration.

Children will love the freedom of expression that the Long Mural Chalkboard offers, allowing them to explore and experiment with different colors and textures. It's a great way to inspire and motivate kids to engage in play, discovery and collaborative learning. The board can be used to create themed or zoned play areas, allow children to explore the world of math and literacy outdoors or create interesting signs and notices for school events.

This chalkboard is crafted from premium materials to provide a durable and weather-resistant finish. It features a highly wipe-clean surface, so you can ensure that it stays clean and hygienic, even after multiple uses.

Whether it's attached to a wall or fencing, the Long Mural Chalkboard will transform any space into a practical and inspirational writing area that kids will love to use. Boost creativity, learning and imaginative play while allowing children to express themselves in a fun and engaging way!

Long Mural Chalkboard

  • Chalkboards are coated in several layers of high quality chalkboard paint giving it that authentic matte finish.
  • Usable with chalks and chalk pens (not included).
  • These boards can be fixed to the wall, using the pre-drilled holes, enabling desired position.
  • Suitable for Indoor/outdoor use.
  • Includes: 3 chalkboard sections to create one large mural Size: 79 x 90 x 0.6 cm ea.
  • (creates one long 237cm mural) 

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