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The Hopscotch carpet is a brightly coloured 3m x 1m play mat.
Great for use as a fun or learning activity, the hopscotch carpet also serves well as functional/decorative floor carpet.
These large play and learn carpet mats are high quality and heavy duty tufted pile, soft texture rugs.
The hopscotch play rug features a non-slip back.
Carpets have a stain-resistant coating and are washable, featuring distinctive and brightly coloured, classroom relevant, designs.

Brightly coloured 3 x 1m mat, suitable for group play and number recognition.

  • Promotes both physical development and basic numeracy skills.
  • Supports outdoor learning which will help children connect with nature, build self-confidence, and improve their concentration and behaviour when back in the classroom.
  • Outdoor learning can also help autistic children to adapt to changes in their environment as the seasons naturally present this in small, ongoing ways.
  • Designed to encourage learning through play, building confidence and a love learning.
  • Crease resistant outdoor pile with anti-skid Dura-Latex™ safety backing.
  • Lightweight outdoor pile makes the mat easy to roll, move and store.
  • Easy to spot clean and stain resistant.
  • Size W x D3000 x 1000mm

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