Healthy Hands Pocket Chart

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The Healthy Hands Pocket Chart is an ingenious way to make the crucial habit of hand-washing engaging and rewarding for students. As we know, proper hand hygiene is an essential part of maintaining a healthy classroom environment, especially in times where illness can spread easily.

This interactive chart offers a visual and interactive way to track hand-washing habits. With spaces for 36 students, it can accommodate a typical classroom size. The name cards can be customised, making each student feel personally involved in this collective health mission. This customization adds a personal touch that can make the habit-forming process more engaging for young learners.

The tracking cards offer a simple yet effective way to visualise progress. Children can see how often they are washing their hands and are encouraged to reach milestones or goals. This kind of visual representation is incredibly effective in motivating behavioural change, especially in younger children who might not fully understand the abstract concept of germ transmission but can understand a more concrete reward system.

The Healthy Hands Pocket Chart is not just a tool for tracking—it's a teaching aid that encourages dialogue about health and hygiene. It can prompt classroom discussions about why hand-washing is important, what other healthy habits can help prevent the spread of germs, and how each individual's actions contribute to the health of the whole community.

Healthy Hands Pocket Chart

  • Inspired by our line of popular pocket charts, this essential classroom tool helps your track, reward, and encourage your students on their way to healthier hand hygiene.
  • Each chart comes with spaces for 36 students, as well as 36 name cards ready to be customised to your classroom.
  • The Healthy Hands Pocket Chart also includes 60 tracking cards that help kids visualise their new habits: drop in the bubbly bars of soap when students finish washing their hands, and add the squeaky clean desk card once their workspace is neat and tidy.
  • Made of durable plastic with metal grommets that make hanging a snap.

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