Halilit Large Music Box

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Step into a world of rhythmic discovery and creative exploration with our Halilit Large Music Box. Exquisitely crafted and thoughtfully curated, this set is designed to provide a well-rounded introduction to music-making for early learners, encouraging not only their auditory skills but also their imaginative prowess.
Packaged in a sturdy, reusable plastic box, this vibrant collection comprises a variety of musical toys.
Each component is selected with the utmost care to stimulate your child's senses, promote motor skill development, and teach the important concept of cause and effect.

The bright colours engage young eyes, captivating children's attention, while the wonderful symphony of sounds emanating from these instruments will enchant their ears. As your little ones interact with these toys, they will naturally develop hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and, most importantly, the ability to express their creativity through music.

Our Halilit Large Music Box is synonymous with quality and safety. Each toy contained within this set is manufactured to meet stringent safety standards, ensuring that even the most enthusiastic play sessions are safe. Such is the trust and respect for our brand that our musical instruments are routinely used in pre-schools, baby groups, and nurseries nationwide.

Unveil the magic of music to your children with the Halilit Large Music Box. Witness their joy and amazement as they discover new sounds, create unique rhythms, and take their first steps into the vibrant world of music.

The Halilit Large Music Box contains:

  • 4 x Castanets
  • 1 x Wood Block
  • 1 x Tone Block with Mallet
  • 2 x Cymbals
  • 2 x Jingle Bells
  • 2 x Animal Jingle Bells
  • 2 x Bendy Bells
  • 1 x Triangle 5"
  • 4 x Maracito
  • 1 x Maracas
  • 2 x Shaped Shakers
  • 1 x Tambourine
  • 1 x 6" Tambourine
  • 3 x Clip Clap
  • 1 x Hand Drum
  • 1 x Triangle 7"
  • 1 x Xylophone

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