Gummi Bump Ball

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The Gummi Bump Ball Stress ball is the ultimate stress-relieving companion. With its squishy and stretchy texture, this stress ball provides a satisfying tactile experience like no other.
Unlike our traditional Gummi Ball, the Gummi Bump Ball takes stress relief to the next level with its larger size. It offers a more substantial grip, allowing you to fully engage with the ball and release built-up tension in your hands and fingers.

Designed in vivid neon-inspired colors, the Gummi Bump Ball adds a touch of vibrancy to your stress relief routine. Its bright and eye-catching appearance is bound to lift your spirits and put a smile on your face.

Whether you're battling anxiety, seeking a moment of calm, or simply looking for something fun to fidget with, the Gummi Bump Ball is the perfect tool. Its super soft and pliable material makes it irresistibly satisfying to squeeze and manipulate.

The best part? Each Gummi Bump Ball is supplied at random in a variety of neon-inspired colors. You never know which vibrant shade you'll receive, adding an element of surprise to your stress relief routine.

Unwind, relax, and have a blast with the Gummi Bump Ball Stress ball. It's the ideal stress relief companion that guarantees hours of squishy fun. Get yours today and experience the joy of squeezing away stress.
  • The Gummi Bump Ball is great fun and irresistible to squeeze.
  • Available in a variety of neon inspired colours,supplied at random.
  • Alternative stress ball
  • Squidgy and stretchy
  • 9cm Diameter

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