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The Sand Grabber Set is the ultimate fun and educational toy for children. With these robotic pick up, move, and drop grabbers, kids will have a blast while learning valuable skills.
As they operate the grabbers, children will feel like they have become a part of a real-life machine.
They will get to witness the incredible power of simple lever mechanism technology in action, giving them a hands-on understanding of how it all works.

With the Sand Grabber Set, children can let their imagination run wild.
They will enjoy exploring the world around them, using these grabbers to pick up sand, toys, or any small objects they find. This toy also enhances their motor skills as they practice controlling the grabbers and their movements.

Imaginative play is an essential part of childhood, and the Sand Grabber Set encourages just that. Kids can create various scenarios, pretending they are construction workers, scientists, or even futuristic robots. This enhances their expressive arts and design abilities, allowing them to think creatively and develop their storytelling skills.

In addition to the individual benefits, the Sand Grabber Set also promotes collaborative play. Kids can take turns using the grabbers or work together to achieve a common goal. This not only builds social skills but also teaches the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

Give your child an exciting toy that combines fun and education with the Sand Grabber Set. Watch as they explore, develop their motor skills, unleash their imagination, and learn the value of working together.

  • Understanding the World - exploration
  • Physical Development - motor skills 
  • Expressive Arts & Design - imaginative play
  • Personal Development - collaborative play
  • Specification Size: 390 x 140mm (open claw).
  • Colours may vary
  • Pk4.
  • Age: Suitable from 18 months.

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