Good Behaviour Buckets

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Level up your classroom management with our innovative Good Behaviour Buckets! This early childhood behaviour tracker offers teachers and children an engaging, visual way to monitor behaviour and encourage emotional development.

Good Behaviour Buckets Features:

  1. Preprinted Emotions and Behaviour Stickers: The kit comes with 30 preprinted stickers that represent basic emotions and behaviours. These stickers can be easily applied to the coloured sticks, making it effortless to track various aspects of student behaviour.

  2. Six Shapes for Easy Categorisation: The sticks are available in six shapes—suns, hearts, and stars for positive behaviour, and clouds, lightning bolts, and raindrops for challenging ones. This categorisation helps both teachers and children quickly identify and discuss behavioural patterns.

  3. Two Colour-Coded Buckets: To make tracking even easier, the kit includes two buckets: a sunny orange bucket for positive behaviours and a purple bucket for challenging behaviours. The colour-coded system encourages children to aim for the sunny orange bucket, promoting good behaviour.

  4. Builds Social Emotional Learning Skills (SEL): This interactive tool is designed not just for behavioural tracking but also for fostering social emotional learning. The Good Behaviour Buckets help children understand their emotions and the consequences of their actions, thereby aiding their emotional growth.

  5. Ideal for Classroom Use: Created with the educational setting in mind, the Good Behaviour Buckets make a valuable addition to any early childhood classroom. They allow for a hands-on, interactive approach to behaviour management and emotional learning.


  • Provides a fun, interactive way to encourage good behaviour and emotional understanding.
  • Simplifies classroom management by offering an easy-to-use, visual tracking system.
  • Fosters a positive learning environment by promoting emotional awareness and social skills.

What's Included:

  • 30 Preprinted Emotions and Behaviour Stickers
  • Coloured Sticks in 6 Shapes
  • 1 Sunny Orange Bucket for Positive Behaviours
  • 1 Purple Bucket for Challenging Behaviours

Elevate the emotional intelligence and behavioural awareness in your classroom with our Good Behaviour Buckets

Good Behaviour Buckets

  • Stick the 30 preprinted behaviours onto the 30 included sticks.
  • Use the suns, hearts, and stars for good behaviour, and the clouds, lightning bolts, and raindrops for challenging ones.
  • Pop positive behaviour sticks into the sunny orange bucket with smiling emoticon, and challenging behaviour sticks into the purple bucket with the sad emoticon.
  • The set includes 30 sticks, 30 pre-printed behaviour stickers in 6 shapes, 30 blank stickers for personalised behaviours, and 2 behaviour buckets.
  • Set includes 34 pieces.
  • Features multilingual packaging and guide.
  • Buckets measure 9cm H and 11cm in diameter.
  • Sticks measure 15cm L.

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