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Discover the World of Sensory Exploration with Gonge Tactile Discs

Unlocking Cognitive Growth Through Play

In the journey of childhood development, sensory experiences play a crucial role. The boundless curiosity of toddlers leads them to explore the world through their senses, a delightful adventure that shapes their understanding of the world and builds cognitive skills. At Gonge, we recognize the innate desire for sensory play in children and aim to encourage and support it, both at home and in early learning environments.

Expanding Beyond Hands

Many sensory activities tend to focus solely on the hands, overlooking the remarkable sensitivity of our feet. That's where Gonge Tactile Discs step in to create a comprehensive sensory experience. Our activity set is designed to engage, inspire, and educate by allowing children to use both their hands and feet to explore and learn.

What Sets Gonge Tactile Discs Apart:

  • Dual Sensory Exploration: Each set includes 5 large and 5 smaller Gonge Tactile Discs, offering various tactile structures. The large discs are perfect for positioning on the floor, while the smaller ones can be held in your child's hands.

  • Texture and Color Discovery: With Gonge Tactile Discs, children can see, feel, and describe different textures and colors. Encourage them to explore and describe the tactile nature of each surface, fostering language development and sensory awareness.

  • Versatile Play: The set comes complete with a bag and a blindfold, along with playing instructions. This versatility makes Gonge Tactile Discs ideal for memory games, matching, throwing, balance exercises, and much more.

  • Safe and Durable: Crafted from child-safe, high-impact durable PP plastic with a TPE rubber edging, these discs are built to withstand the rigors of play while ensuring your child's safety.

Award-Winning Sensory Play

Gonge Tactile Discs have earned accolades for their design and educational value. They provide endless opportunities for children to explore, learn, and grow through sensory play, all while having a great time.

Elevate your child's sensory exploration with Gonge Tactile Discs. Watch as they engage in playful learning, expand their sensory awareness, and embark on exciting adventures with both their hands and feet.

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