Gonge River Stones

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Gonge River Stones are inspired by the stepping stones you find in a river – with each triangular stone varying in steepness and difficulty.
Gonge River Stones are great for improving co-ordination and balance and they also help to build a child’s confidence.
The idea is to jump from stone to stone without touching the floor – you can vary the position of the stones to create more challenging paths for children to navigate.
Design detailing means each stone has a rubber rim on the base to prevent slipping and sliding and to protect flooring.
There are 3 large stones and 3 smaller stones in each set – so you can scatter them around and place them in any obstacle course to create a better challenge for your children to enjoy.
One of the best features about these stepping stones is that there are many ways to play with them.
Children can spread them round in different positions, place them in a line or in a circle.
Children love to use their imagination and invent fun games – watch on as they pretend the ground is lava or alligator filled waters – can they make it across the stones without falling.
The PP plastic material is tough and safe for children to use and because they are heavy duty, they will withstand hours and hours of use – even mums and dads can join in the fun as the sturdy materials will take the weight of an adult.

  • The Gonge River Stones are manufactured from child safe and tough PP plastic with TPE rubber edging.
  • Set of 6 in two sizes
  • Load bearing 100kg
  • Stack neatly for storage
  • Safety tested to relevant standards

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