Giraffe Zip Top fancy dress

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Children will love this Giraffe costume with easy-wear Zip Top design and will have lots of fun enjoying the world of animal role play.
This fantastic giraffe fancy zip top from Pretend to Bee is brilliantly detailed and super-soft.
Made from a spot printed velour fabric the top is closed by a front zip and it has a velour hood with giraffe head.
The giraffe face features a long nose, eyes,, giraffe ossicones (horns) and pointed ears.
  • At the back of the costume there is a tail.
  • Zip tops are a great way to dress up quickly and easily.
  • They zip up at the front, so any child who can put on a coat is able to put on and take a zip top by themselves.
  • Plus they are great for a day at school or a party where parents won't be in attendance as there are no worries about using the toilet as can sometimes be the case with a onesie-style costume.
  • Zip Top design
  • 100% Polyester plush
  • Character hood
  • Fits 3 to 7 Years

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