Giant Hairy Puffer

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featuring vibrant and bold hues that are sure to catch anyone's attention. This unique stress relief toy is perfect for children and adults alike.

Made with high-quality materials, the Giant Hairy Puffer is not only durable but also safe to play with. Its rubbery plumage adds an extra element of fun and satisfaction when squeezed and squished, providing a tactile experience like no other.

Whether you need a moment to unwind after a stressful day or simply want to keep your hands occupied, this squishy toy is an excellent choice. It helps to release tension and promotes relaxation, making it ideal for anxiety relief, sensory therapy, or simply to have some fun.

The Giant Hairy Puffer's versatility makes it a great resource for creating a relaxed mindset. Its soft and squishy nature encourages tactile exploration, helping to improve focus and reduce stress. It can also serve as a tool for enhancing tactile sensitivity and fine motor skills.

With its bright and varied colors, the Giant Hairy Puffer is not only a stress-relieving toy but a visual delight as well. Its eye-catching design is sure to capture the interest of children, making it a fun addition to playtime or a colorful decoration for any room.

So, why settle for ordinary stress relief toys when you can have the extraordinary Giant Hairy Puffer? Get your hands on this squishy sensation and let its extravagant rubbery plumage transport you to a world of relaxation and fun.

  • Colours vary,
  • Order more than one for a selection of colours subject to stock
  • 33cm
  • 1 Supplied

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