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Introducing the GetSetGo Big Ball Pack - an absolute must-have for every school's physical education department. Seamlessly blending value, variety, and quality, this 19-piece set is meticulously curated to energize and diversify your PE sessions, ensuring students engage in a comprehensive range of activities and skills.

Discover the Sporty Assortment Inside:

  • Coated Foam Balls (9cm, 16cm, 21cm): These balls are perfect for various games and drills, ensuring students work on their dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and catching skills. Their coated finish ensures durability and safety during play.

  • Printed Playballs: Add a dash of vibrancy to your playtime with these visually appealing balls. Ideal for team games, group activities, or individual play.

  • Foam Sponge Balls (20cm): Soft yet durable, these foam sponge balls are perfect for indoor activities, ensuring fun without compromising safety.

  • Vortex Foam Rugby Balls: Dive into the exciting world of rugby with these specially designed foam balls. They provide a great introduction to the sport, ensuring a safe and engaging experience.

  • Albion Ball Bag: Carry and store your equipment with ease using this sturdy bag. While its colour may vary, its quality and functionality remain constant.

  • Wipe Clean Activity Sheets (x2): Planning and organizing PE sessions is now simpler. Jot down your drills, games, or student progress on these easy-to-clean sheets, ensuring a structured and effective approach.

Key Benefits of the GetSetGo Big Ball Pack:

  • Versatility: The diverse set ensures a myriad of activities, from basic drills to advanced team games.

  • Quality & Durability: Every item in the pack is crafted to endure rigorous school play sessions, ensuring long-lasting service.

  • Affordability: Offering superb value, this pack ensures schools can provide top-notch PE equipment without stretching their budgets.

  • Educational Integration: Beyond just physical activity, the set also aids in developing teamwork, strategy, and cognitive skills among students.

The GetSetGo Big Ball Pack isn't just a set of balls; it's an investment in quality physical education, ensuring students receive the best in terms of both fun and fitness. Whether you're revamping your PE equipment or just adding to your collection, this pack is the ideal choice

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