GetSetGo Mini Ball Pack

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The GetSetGo Mini Ball Pack offers a versatile and comprehensive selection of balls, designed to meet the needs of children across different age groups and skill levels. Here's a breakdown of its contents and how it can benefit educational settings:


Standard Balls for General Play:

  • 4 Perforated Balls 7cm
  • 8 Foam Sponge Balls 7cm
  • 6 Foam Sponge Balls 9cm
  • 4 Perforated Balls 9cm

Specialized Balls for Skill Development:

  • 4 Engraving Balls: Useful for teaching grip and catch skills.
  • 8 Neon Sponge Balls: Visually stimulating and easy to see, useful for younger children.
  • 4 Sensory Touch Balls: Textured balls that add a tactile dimension to play, beneficial for sensory integration.
  • 4 Porcupine Balls 8cm & 10cm: Spiky surface adds a sensory element and can be used for reflex training.

Balls for Agility and Coordination:

  • 4 Reaction Balls 7cm: These irregularly shaped balls bounce unpredictably, aiding in agility training.

Additional Items:

  • 1 Albion Duffle Bag: For convenient storage and transport.
  • 2 Wipe Clean Activity Sheets (not shown in image): Likely contain games or drills.

Educational and Health Benefits:


  • A diverse range of balls accommodates various activities and skill levels, promoting inclusivity.

Physical Development:

  • Promotes the development of gross motor skills like coordination, balance, and agility.

Cognitive and Sensory Development:

  • Specialized balls like the Sensory Touch Balls and Porcupine Balls can aid in sensory development.

Encouragement of Active Play:

  • The variety of balls can stimulate interest and encourage children to be active, thus contributing to their overall well-being.

Storage and Convenience:

  • Comes with an Albion Duffle Bag, making it easy to transport and store the balls safely.


  • While the contents may vary due to stock availability, replacements will always be of the same value, ensuring quality and variety.

The GetSetGo Mini Ball Pack is an excellent addition to any educational setting aiming to enhance its physical education resources. It's not just about fun and games; it's also a tool for fostering physical and sensory development among children.

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