Get a Grip Pencil Grip Selection Pack

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The Get a Grip Pencil Grip Selection Pack has been developed in partnership with nasen this fabulous pencil grip selection box kit contains 33 of our best-selling pencil grips enabling you to meet any handwriting need.
The goal of a pencil grasp is to position the pencil in such a way that it is stable, comfortable, and can be moved by finger movements rather than whole-hand movement.

  • Children can practice their grip control
  • Advice booklet included to help choose the right grip
  • Test different grips to see which works best

Each Pencil Grip kit contains:

  • Product Content:
    • 3 Ridged Comfort Grip
    • 3 Solo Grip
    • 3 Comfort Grip
    • 2 Large Ultra Pencil Grip
    • 3 Stubbi Grip
    • 2 Cross Guard Grip
    • 1 Small Claw Grip
    • 1 Medium Claw Grip
    • 1 Large Claw Grip
    • 3 Standard Triangular Grip
    • 3 Jumbo Triangular Grip
    • 2 Grotto Grip
    • 3 Tri-Go Grip
    • 3 Metallic Ultra 

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