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Embark on an educational and fun-filled journey through the great outdoors with The Forest School Collection. Specifically designed to complement the forest school ethos, this kit is ideal for introducing young explorers aged 2 and up to the wonders of the natural world.

Forest School Collection Features and Benefits:

Educational and Hands-On

  • The Forest School Collection focuses on hands-on, exploratory learning, inviting children to observe, interact with, and learn about nature in a tactile and engaging way.

Varied Resources

  • This kit provides a multitude of resources designed to encourage curiosity and interaction with the environment, ranging from examining bugs to exploring the effects of wind and water.


  • Aimed at children aged 2 and up, the tools and resources are designed with young learners in mind, ensuring they are both safe and suitable for their developmental stage.

Kit Includes:

  1. Let’s Investigate – Bugs: An in-depth guide to exploring the fascinating world of bugs.

  2. Let’s Investigate – Woodland Footprints: Tools and tips for identifying tracks and signs of woodland animals.

  3. Let’s Roll – Forest Friends: Features a variety of wooden toys based on forest creatures to role-play and narrate stories.

  4. Rustic Bowls: Perfect for holding natural treasures collected during outdoor adventures.

  5. Natural Focus Frames: These can be used to frame and focus on specific aspects of the environment, enhancing observational skills.

  6. Match Me – Sensory Leaf Tiles: An interactive game that helps in identifying different types of leaves through their textures and shapes.

  7. Adventures Outdoors – Mud: Resources to guide you in all the fun and educational activities you can do with mud.

  8. Adventures Outdoors – Wind: Explore how wind affects our natural environment and how to make educational games out of it.

  9. Adventures Outdoors – Puddles: Because who doesn’t love jumping in puddles? Learn the science behind them while having fun.

  10. In all Weathers – 50 inspiring ideas to enhance outdoor learning: This handy guide offers a variety of activities that can be done in any weather, promoting year-round outdoor exploration.

The Forest School Collection is a comprehensive resource for parents, educators, or forest school leaders looking to enrich their outdoor educational offerings. Each item in the kit promotes a different aspect of learning and interaction with the natural world, offering a well-rounded educational experience. From inquisitive minds to little adventurers, this collection has something for everyone.

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