Flying Helicopter Blade

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The Pocket Money Value Flying Helicopter Blade is an incredible toy that will leave children amazed with its fantastic effect. With the ability to rise up to 20 feet and higher into the air, this flying helicopter blade is sure to bring hours of joy and excitement.

Easy to use, simply attach the blade to the straw provided and get ready for takeoff. As you blow into the straw, watch in awe as the helicopter blade gracefully flies around the room, captivating everyone's attention.

Not only is it a thrilling toy, but the Flying Helicopter Blade also helps develop important skills. Children will learn about cause and effect as they blow into the straw and witness the helicopter blade take flight. Additionally, it encourages eye tracking skills as they follow its movements through the air.

Perfect for pocket money purchases, this Flying Helicopter Blade is an affordable yet thrilling toy that kids will absolutely love. Whether indoors or outdoors, this flying toy is a must-have for any child looking for a fun and engaging playtime activity.

  • Attach the blade to the straw, blow and watch as it flies around the room.
  • Up Up and away as the Flying Helicopter Blade rises into the air.
  • The Flying Helicopter Blade builds and encourages key skills such as: Cause and Effect in a fun and engaging way Eye tracking Skills

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