Flashing Swivel Fan

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Illuminate your surroundings with the vibrant and enchanting glow of the Flashing Swivel Fan! Bursting with multi-coloured LEDs not only in its spinning arms but also throughout its stem and body, this fan delivers a mesmerising halo of light that promises to captivate and charm.

Flashing Swivel Fan Features:

  • Multi-Directional Head: Customize your light display by simply adjusting the swiveling head. Point it any which way to make your light show even more spectacular!

  • LED-Packed Spinning Arms: Watch in awe as the arms come alive with a radiant dance of lights when in motion.

  • Glow Throughout: It’s not just the arms! With LEDs embedded throughout its stem and body, the fan offers a comprehensive luminous experience.

  • Easy-to-Use: No complications here! With a simple slide mechanism, you can easily switch the fan on or off.

  • Striking Halo Effect: Be ready to be entranced by the colourful aura the fan emits, creating a beautiful halo of lights around it.

  • Compact and Handy Size: Measuring 38cm in length and 17cm in width, it’s the perfect size to hold, carry, and display.

  • Ready to Use: No need to fuss over buying batteries. They’re already included, so you can start enjoying your light show right away!

Whether you're at a party, lounging at home, or just want something to spruce up your décor, the Flashing Swivel Fan is the ultimate accessory to add a splash of colour and wonder to any occasion.

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