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Introducing the Light-Up Vehicle Bath Toy: A Splash of Fun and Magic!

Make bath time a thrilling and enchanting experience with our Water-Activated Light-Up Vehicle Bath Toy! Shaped like adorable planes or cars, these captivating toys will transform your child's bath into a world of wonder. Simply drop one of these delightful owl figures into the water, and watch as it comes to life, illuminating and flashing as it bobs and glides around the tub.

A Whimsical Twist to Bathtime: Our Light-Up Vehicle Bath Toy adds a whimsical twist to your child's bathtime routine. As the toy touches the water, it springs to life, radiating a bright and cheerful glow that will captivate your little one's imagination. Say goodbye to bath time struggles as your child eagerly anticipates playing with their magical, light-up companion.

An Assortment of Delightful Designs: In each package, you'll find a delightful assortment of designs and colors, adding an element of surprise and excitement to bathtime play. Let your child's imagination soar as they discover new shapes and hues with each bath. The element of surprise makes each bath unique and engaging, ensuring your child's excitement never wanes.

Safe and Easy Activation: Our Light-Up Vehicle Bath Toy is specifically designed to be water-activated, ensuring a safe and fuss-free experience. Simply drop the toy into the water, and watch it light up instantly. No buttons, no switches – just pure, effortless magic that brings joy to your child's bathtime.

A Unique Bath Toy Experience: With its glowing and flashing effects, this bath toy sets itself apart from the ordinary.
Let your child's bath time be a moment of sensory delight, where the combination of water, light, and movement creates an enchanting spectacle. As the toy bobs and glides through the water, it will keep your child entertained and engaged throughout their bath.

The Perfect Gift: Looking for a unique gift that will light up a child's face with joy? Our Light-Up Vehicle Bath Toy is just what you need! Ideal for birthdays, holidays, or simply as a surprise gesture, this charming toy will bring endless smiles to your little one's face.

Transform Bath Time into a Magical Adventure:

Make every bath time a magical adventure with the Water-Activated Light-Up Vehicle Bath Toy. Its captivating glow, cheerful designs, and effortless activation will turn bath time into a cherished and cherished part of your child's day. Let their imagination take flight as they embark on wonderful watery escapades with their newfound bath companion.

Add a touch of magic and joy to bath time with the Light-Up Vehicle Bath Toy. Watch as your child's face lights up with wonder and delight, turning a simple bath into an extraordinary experience they'll remember with fondness for years to come.

  • Supplied in an assortment of designs and colours at random.
  • Light up vehicle bath toy
  • Activated when dropped in water
  • Assorted colours,one supplied at random and subject to stock
  • Batteries included

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