First-play Multi Colour Activity Holdall


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The First-play Multi Colour Activity Holdall is a comprehensive 84-piece set designed to engage young children in a variety of physical activities. This all-in-one kit aims to encourage skill development, all while being fun and accessible.

First-play Multi Colour Activity Holdall Features:

Wide Range of Equipment:

  • This set includes 84 pieces of assorted activity equipment ranging from hockey sticks and balls to bean bags and skipping ropes.

Quality and Safety:

  • The equipment is of high quality and free from phthalates, ensuring safety during play.
  • Weight: Approximately 9kg, making it substantial yet portable.

Colourful and Engaging:

  • The equipment comes in four primary team colours, making it visually appealing and easy to divide into teams or groups for activities.

Storage and Portability:

  • All these items are supplied in a storage holdall, making it convenient to store and carry.


  • Ball Games: 4 Junior Hockey Sticks, 4 Zoft Balls (7cm and 9cm), 4 Tennis Balls, 4 Softtouch Balls (10cm)
  • Racket Sports: 4 Plastic Table Tennis Bats, 4 Plastic Padder Bats, 4 Mini Rackets
  • Bean Bags: 4 Standard Bean Bags, 4 Frog Bean Bags, 4 Turtle Bean Bags
  • Miscellaneous: 4 PVC Coated Foam Balls (7cm), 4 Foam Balls (8cm)
  • Skipping and Quiots: 4 Skipping Ropes (2.2m), 4 Quiots
  • Markers: 20 Spacemarkers
  • Storage: 1 Storage Holdall

Developmental Benefits:

  • Motor Skills: The diverse range of equipment helps in developing both fine and gross motor skills.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Activities like skipping, catching and batting improve coordination.
  • Teamwork and Social Skills: The team colours facilitate group activities, encouraging teamwork and social interaction.
  • Cognitive Skills: Games like matching, sorting, and sequencing can be played, thereby aiding cognitive development.

Whether it’s for a school, a community centre, or just for fun at home, the First-play Multi Colour Activity Holdall offers a versatile, quality, and safe option for kids' physical activities.

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