Emotions Kid Drawn Bulletin Board Set

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The Emotions Kid Drawn Bulletin Board Set is a must-have for any classroom seeking to create an engaging and interactive environment for children to explore their feelings. This visually appealing bulletin board set features 16 cut-apart emotion cards that showcase a variety of emotions, allowing children to easily identify and discuss their own feelings.

Additionally, the set includes 16 word cards that correspond to each emotion, further enhancing children's vocabulary and expressive skills. With a vibrant and colorful design, this bulletin board set is sure to capture children's attention and spark meaningful conversations about emotions.

The set also includes a "Sometimes I feel" header, providing a focal point for the bulletin board display. This header serves as a reminder to children that it is normal and natural to experience a range of emotions, and encourages them to share and express their feelings in a supportive and inclusive classroom environment.

Whether used in a classroom or at home, the Emotions Kid Drawn Bulletin Board Set is an invaluable tool for fostering emotional intelligence and promoting open communication among children. It not only helps children identify their own emotions but also encourages empathy and understanding towards others. Create a captivating display that supports children's emotional development with the Emotions Kid Drawn Bulletin Board Set.

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