Edushape Sensory Shapes and Balls Kit

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This unique set of 9 sensory balls and shapes is a great resource for sensory exploration through play.
Various textures and styles make this Edushape sensory shapes and balls kit unique.
Explore the intriguing shape of the small green triangle ball.
Feel the fascinating bumpy textures of the large Sensory See-Me red ball and the two smaller, orange and yellow balls.
There are two massage roll balls that are fun to feel and roll, an interesting peanut-shaped ball, a blue swirl ball that's fascinating for the fingers, and a big, soft, blue ball that's full of colourful bouncing beads.
Children will have so many opportunities for sensory exploration with the vibrant and highly durable set of Edushape sensory shapes and balls.
Set of 9 uniquely textured and shaped sensory balls

Encourages sensory exploration, tactile development, fine motor skills, coordination

Each ball features a unique shape and texture for little ones to explore

High quality materials – Exceptionally durable and safe for baby

  • 13cm Small Green Triangle Ball
  • 18cm Red Sensory See Me Ball
  • 10cm 2 small Sensory Balls (Orange and Yellow)
  • 6.5cm Peanut Purple Ball
  • 7.5cm 2 Massage Roll Balls (Red and Yellow)
  • 18cm Rainbow Soft Ball
  • 13cm Stripes Ball

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