Edushape Sensory Ball Mega Pack

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Introducing the Edushape Sensory Ball Mega Pack - a set of four uniquely textured, multi-colored balls designed to stimulate your child's senses and foster their development. These sensory balls are not just toys, but tools that help enhance tactile and visual sensory awareness, gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and socialization.

Each ball in the Edushape Sensory Ball Mega Pack features a distinct, nubby texture that is intriguing to touch and explore. When squeezed, children can feel the rubber stretch and contract under their fingertips, providing valuable tactile feedback. These sensory balls are also great for massage stimulation; softly rolling them on a child’s back or feet can heighten sensory awareness.

These sensory balls are not only a fun toy but also a great aid in developing motor skills. From their first months, infants are drawn to these balls, crawling towards them, using their muscles to reach, grasp, and hold on tight. As they grow, children will delight in squeezing, rolling, throwing, and kicking these balls, further enhancing their gross motor skills.

The Edushape Sensory Ball Mega Pack also promotes social interaction. Young children can roll or toss these sensory balls to their parents, grandparents, or playmates, encouraging communication and cooperation.

Finally, these sensory balls are a fantastic tool for enhancing visual and perceptual skills. Each ball is a different vivid color, designed to capture and hold a child's interest. The contrasting colors and textures offer a rich visual and tactile experience, promoting perceptual exploration.

With the Edushape Sensory Ball Mega Pack, playtime becomes a sensory adventure that nurtures your child's development.
Whether they're teething babies who love to chew on the safe, sensory balls, or older children who love to play and explore, these balls offer a fun, stimulating experience for all.

Edushape Sensory Ball Mega Pack

  • Unique projections peak visual curiosity.
  • Tremendous Sensory Play Toys
  • Valuable as Perceptual-Motor Teaching Tools
  • Visually & tactilely stimulating Enhance both fine motor skills and gross motor skills Encourage sensory exploration
  • Stimulate interest in socialization with others
  • Recommended by physical therapists and early childhood educators
  • Well constructed of highly durable materials
  • Sensory Balls within this set are 2 - 7 inch balls & 2 - 4 inch balls.
  • Each set includes 4 primary colored balls: 1 each Yellow, Blue, Green, Red
  • NOTE: These sensory balls are PVC Phthalate-free plastic.
  • They are also Latex-free & BPA-free.
  • The sensory balls meet and exceed all safety standards in the U.S.Canada and Europe.

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