Edushape Colourbitz Balls

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Get ready for plenty of colourful fun with the Edushape Colourbitz Balls! A set of 2 delightful sensory balls with bright colourful bitz tumbling around inside! The wonderful nubby texture on the Edushape Colourbitz Balls offers developmental value and therapeutic play, inviting plenty of opportunity for your little one to explore their senses from touch and visuals to sound and auditory stimulation.

The Edushape Colourbitz Balls are a versatile and engaging toy designed to cater to a multitude of sensory experiences.

Edushape Colourbitz Balls Features:

  • Multi-Sensory Appeal: These balls are not just visually stimulating with their bright colours; they also offer tactile stimulation through their nubby texture. The colourful bits inside the balls serve as a visual and auditory treat.

  • Therapeutic Play: The nubby texture of the balls is not only fun to touch but can also serve a therapeutic purpose. They can be used for baby massage, particularly for the hands and feet.

  • Sound and Auditory Stimulation: When shaken, the colourful bits inside the balls act as shakers, providing auditory stimulation that complements their visual and tactile appeal.

  • Versatility: These fleece balls are suitable for a range of activities, from racket sports and relay races to tag games, making them versatile play items.

  • Material and Size: Made from washable synthetic material with an acrylic polyfil filling, these balls are easy to clean and maintain. Each ball is approximately 750mm in diameter.

  • Pack Quantity: The Edushape Colourbitz Balls come in a pack of 6, providing ample opportunities for group play and interaction.

Potential Uses:

  • Sensory Play: Given their multi-sensory features, these balls are perfect for sensory playtime.

  • Physical Activity: Their versatility makes them suitable for various types of physical games like racket sports or relay races.

  • Group Activities: Coming in a pack of 6, these balls are excellent for group activities, encouraging social interaction and team play.

  • Therapy and Rehabilitation: The therapeutic benefits of these balls also make them suitable for use in physical therapy settings.

Whether you're a parent looking to engage your child in active and sensory-rich play or an educator wanting to add a dynamic resource to your teaching toolkit, the Edushape Colourbitz Balls offer something for everyone.

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