Dolphin Pencil Grips Pack of 5

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Introducing the Dolphin Pencil Grips, the perfect solution for improving handwriting skills and enhancing fine motor skills. Made from high-quality silicone material, these pencil grips offer both comfort and functionality.

With their playful dolphin design, these pencil grips are sure to make writing an enjoyable experience. The soft silicone material ensures a comfortable grip, allowing for effortless writing and drawing. No more hand fatigue or discomfort!

But that's not all - these pencil grips also help to encourage the correct hand positioning and maintain a tripod grip. The accentuated finger intents guide the fingers to hold the pencil in the most efficient and effective way, promoting better handwriting skills.

Each pack includes 5 dolphin pencil grips, ensuring you always have a spare or two on hand. They are perfect for both children and adults who struggle with poor fine motor skills. Whether it's for schoolwork, art projects, or everyday writing, these grips are the ideal tool to improve handwriting development.

Invest in the Dolphin Pencil Grips today and watch as your writing skills soar. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to effortless writing with these adorable and functional pencil grips. Make your writing experience more enjoyable and productive with the Dolphin Pencil Grips!
  • The dolphin pencil grip is available in packs of 5
  • Material of the Dolphin Pencil Grip: silicone.

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