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If your child constantly fidgets in his or her desk, or at home while doing homework, the Desk Buddy Sensory Bar is for them.
A team of an Occupational Therapist, School Teacher and product engineers combined efforts to create this Desk Buddy Fidget for both classroom and home use.

The Desk Buddy Sensory Bar offers a multifunctional solution for children who have sensory needs or simply need something to fidget with to help them focus.

Desk Buddy Fidget Features:

  • Multi-Disciplinary Design: Created through the collaborative efforts of an Occupational Therapist, School Teacher, and product engineers, the Desk Buddy is tailored to meet both educational and therapeutic needs.

  • Dual Purpose: Not just a fidget toy, the Desk Buddy also serves as a chewable sensory item, providing an oral motor outlet for those who need it.

  • Socially Acceptable: Designed to look like a ruler, it's discreet enough for classroom use without drawing unwanted attention. Kids can keep it on their desk and use it as needed without disrupting the class.

  • Safe Material: Made from FDA-approved material, the Desk Buddy is safe to touch and even to chew. This provides peace of mind for parents and educators alike.

  • Hygienic: Being dishwasher safe and naturally bacteria-resistant, maintaining the Desk Buddy is effortless and ensures it remains a hygienic option for children.

The Desk Buddy Sensory Bar is a practical and innovative tool that addresses various sensory needs. It fits perfectly into both classroom and home environments, offering a versatile and socially acceptable way for children to satisfy their need to fidget or seek sensory input.

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