Dark den accessory kit 5

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Introducing the Dark Den Accessory Kit 5, a must-have collection of sensory light toys that will provide hours of stimulation and excitement. Packed in a handy bag, this kit is perfect for use in sensory dark dens or darkened sensory rooms, offering a visually captivating and calming light outlet.
The Dark Den Accessory Kit 5 is a comprehensive collection of sensory light toys that offers a wide range of visual stimulation and sensory experiences.
Whether used in sensory therapy, special needs classrooms, or at home, this kit is designed to provide hours of entertainment and promote sensory exploration.
Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of captivating lights and endless fun with the Dark Den Accessory Kit 5.

Inside this kit, you will find a range of engaging and interactive toys that are sure to captivate the senses

Typical contents of this Dark den accessory kit include:

  • Light up egg
  • Light up cube x 3
  • Spiky Baton x 1
  • Shake and shine x 1
  • Fibre optic Ice Lamp
  • Finger light torches
  • Glow in the dark spaghetti
  • Mini disco spinner wand x 2
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