Crackle Baff Colours 6 Pack

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Simply sprinkle Crackle Baff powder into a bath full of water and listen to it crackle, pop and fizz! The water will change colour too! Why not add some bubble bath for extra fun? Crackle Baff Colours dissolves completely, so when play has finished simply pull the plug and drain your bath as normal.
Crackle Baff Colours offers a fun, sensory experience.
It will be loved by children of all abilities, but especially those with additional needs such as Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, ASD and other Special Needs.
Crackle Baff Colours contains no harmful chemicals and is kind to the skin.
The non-toxic, easy clean formula is kind to the environment too.
Crackle Baff Colours 60g is a 6 Bath Pack and contains –
  • 2 x Blue sachets
  • 2 x Red sachets
  • 2 x Yellow sachets

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