Colour mixing bubbles

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Learn the science of the colour mixing with these stunning Colour mixing bubbles.
The Colour mixing bubbles Lab includes 3 vials of coloured bubble liquid.
Mix samples in the test tube and watch the liquid change colour.
Colour Mixing bubbles are colourless when blown, so there are no messy rings after they've popped.

Colour mixing bubbles

  • 3 x 8cm bottles of bubble liquid in blue, red and yellow,
  • 1 x Plastic mixing tube with wand and colour mixing chart printed on the packaging.
  • Mix samples from the three phials of red, yellow and blue liquid inside the test tube to create different colours of bubble mixture.
  • The bubbles are colourless, so no messy rings after they've popped.
  • Learn all about how colours can be mixed and blended together
  • Phials of red, yellow and blue liquid to mix in the test tube bubble pot
  • Colourless bubbles avoid mess after popping
  • Colour phials 8cm
  • 3 different formulas
  • Red + Blue = Purple Blue + Yellow = Green Yellow + Red = Orange

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