Clever Putty Glow In The Dark

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The Clever Putty Glow In the Dark is an absolute must-have for anyone seeking entertainment that pushes creative boundaries. This incredible tub of putty not only allows you to sculpt and mold to your heart's content, but it also comes alive in the dark with a mesmerizing glow.

By simply charging the putty in light, you unlock its ability to shine with an enchanting luminous glow when the lights go out. Watch in awe as the darkness is illuminated by the captivating radiance emitted by this magical putty.

In addition to its captivating glow, this putty offers a multitude of sensory experiences. Feel the satisfying stretch as you pull and mold it into countless shapes or enjoy the bouncy delight when you toss it onto a solid surface. And if you're looking for a little extra fascination, the Clever Putty Glow In the Dark even melts before your eyes as you play with it.

Perfect for both children and adults, this glow in the dark putty is a perfect tool for stress relief, imagination stimulation, and playfulness. Whether used as a tool for relaxation or a creative outlet, this putty guarantees hours of endless fun and entertainment.

Get your hands on the Clever Putty Glow In the Dark and let your imagination soar as you revel in the mesmerizing glow and limitless possibilities of this remarkable tub of putty.
  • Glow in the dark putty
  • Absorbs light and glows in dark conditions
  • Mould, stretch, bounce and watch it melt
  • Comes in storage tub

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