Clear Water Tray and Stand 58cm

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The 58cm Clear Water Play Table: A Versatile and Interactive Play Resource

The 58cm Clear Water Play Table is a fantastic addition to any early childhood learning environment. It offers a wide range of benefits for young learners and educators. Here are some key features and advantages of this play table:

1. Generous Size: With a spacious tray size of 110 x 60.5 x 21.5cm, this play table provides ample space for children to explore and engage in sensory water play activities.

2. Water Release Valve: The table includes a water release valve in the tray's bottom, allowing for fast and efficient emptying. This feature simplifies the cleanup process, making it convenient for both children and educators.

3. Sturdy Construction: The play table features a strong tubular steel frame that provides stability and durability. It can withstand the rigors of daily use in early childhood settings.

4. Mobility: Equipped with lockable casters, the table is easy to move around, making it adaptable to various classroom configurations and storage needs.

5. Lid for Cleanliness: A sturdy lid is provided to keep the sand or water clean and dry when not in use. This helps maintain a hygienic play environment.

6. Drain Plug: Cleaning and maintaining the play table is hassle-free, thanks to the convenient drain plug.

7. Versatile Play: This play table is suitable for both sand and water play, offering versatile learning opportunities. Children can explore concepts related to buoyancy, volume, and water flow, promoting scientific exploration and sensory development.

8. Interactive Learning: Water play fosters interactive and cooperative play among children. It encourages social interaction, teamwork, and communication.

9. Early Education: Water play can be integrated into early childhood education curricula to teach concepts such as cause and effect, measurement, and problem-solving.

10. Height and Accessibility: With a height of 58cm, the table is accessible to young children, allowing them to engage comfortably in play and exploration.

In summary, the 58cm Clear Water Play Table is a versatile and interactive resource that promotes sensory development, cooperative play, and early education concepts. Its sturdy construction, mobility, and convenient features make it a valuable addition to early childhood learning environments.

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