Classmates PVC Popovers - Medium 5 - 6 Years

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Introducing Our Classmates PVC Popovers, the perfect solution for older children to keep their clothes protected from splashes and stains! Whether in a classroom or at home, these popovers are a durable and reliable resource.

Crafted from strong and waterproof PVC material, these popovers are designed to withstand daily wear and tear. You can rest assured that they will last even in the most challenging situations, providing long-lasting protection for your children's clothing.

The hook and loop fastening ensures a secure fit, allowing for easy and quick on and off. This feature is especially handy for busy classrooms where time is of the essence. Your children can easily put on and take off these popovers independently, without any assistance.

Furthermore, the PVC material allows for free movement of arms, ensuring that your children can actively participate in activities without feeling restricted. Whether they are painting, cooking, or engaging in messy play, these popovers will provide confidence and protection.

Invest in Our Classmates PVC Popovers today and say goodbye to those pesky stains and splashes. With their durability, waterproof capabilities, easy fastening, and comfortable fit, these popovers are the perfect solution for any older child.
  • Made from strong waterproof PVC.
  • Complete with hook and loop fastening.
  • Allows for free movement of arms.

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