Children’s Computer USB Keyboard Lowercase

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A PC keyboard designed specifically for small hands! Introducing our new children’s lowercase keyboard the fun and educational way to introduce your children to the world of computers! kids of an ever younger age are learning how to use computers but are sometimes hindered by the standard keyboards, aimed at adults.
Our Children's lowercase keyboard gives them a fun and colourful way to interact and play with their pc/laptop.
The colour coding of the keys allows children to identify the various groups of keys within the keyboard, aiding learning and progression.
Make learning fun for your child with this excellent educational product The Big Key Keyboard features: Large, Colourful Easy to Read Keys - Identify vowels, consonants and grammar in a snap.
  • Gives children a sense of ownership - This translates into confidence when using the computer.
  • The function keys are moved off to the side.
  • Locate letters faster and easier - Large keys make it a fabulous tool for visually impaired people.
  • Ideal for those with special needs - The larger keys and uncluttered layout make the task of inputting less challenging, and the oversized letters easy to spot.

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