Chew Pencil Toppers Star and Train Pack of 2

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Introducing the Chew Stixx® Pencil Topper, a thoughtful solution designed for children who have the urge to chew, bite, or grind, offering them a safe and acceptable alternative to fulfill their sensory needs. Whether in a classroom or at home, this little accessory can be a significant support to children who seek sensory input, promoting focus, reducing anxiety, and fostering a conducive learning environment.

🌈 Safe and Secure:

Designed to fit any standard number 2 pencil, these chewable pencil toppers decrease exposure to dangerous chemicals, safeguarding your child’s health while meeting their sensory needs.

🦷 Tooth-Friendly:

Crafted with care, the Chew Stixx® Pencil Toppers are safe for teeth, preventing any potential damage due to chewing on hard or unsafe objects.

📚 Classroom-Friendly:

Discreet and socially acceptable, these pencil toppers are allowed in classrooms, assisting in increasing attention and concentration levels amongst children in a learning environment.

🌿 Calming Companion:

The act of chewing is known to reduce anxiety and stress, and having a safe object to chew on can be calming for children, especially those constantly seeking sensory input.

🌟 Inclusive Design:

This set, with its star and train-shaped toppers, is excellent for both mainstream and special needs children, offering sensory support to a wide range of kids.

📦 Package Includes:

  • One train-shaped topper
  • One star-shaped topper

🎁 Gift of Comfort and Concentration! 🎁

The Chew Stixx® Pencil Topper is not just a chewing accessory; it’s a companion in enhancing focus, a tool in promoting safety, and a gift of comfort for children. Whether your child is in a classroom setting or exploring the world around them, this pencil topper serves as a constant, safe, and soothing presence, enabling them to navigate their sensory experiences with ease. Equip your child with this innovative tool and watch them embrace a world of sensory harmony!

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