Cheeky Bird Hammer Bench

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The Cheeky Bird Hammer Bench is the perfect toy for young hammer experts aged 18 months and up. With six cheeky little birds, this toy provides endless entertainment as the birds nod their colorful heads under the direction of the hammer.

One bird lowers its head while another one raises his, creating a fun and engaging experience for your little one. This unique hammering bench is crafted from robust solid and laminated wood, ensuring its durability and long-lasting use.

Not only does this toy offer hours of happy hammering, but it also stimulates the senses with its vibrant colors and engaging movement. The seesaw design of the bench adds an exciting element, providing an eternal up and down motion for the funny looking birds.

In addition to providing entertainment, this toy also helps develop motor skills and numeracy in young children. As they hammer the birds, they learn to control their movements and improve their hand-eye coordination. Additionally, the colorful birds can be counted, introducing basic numeracy skills in a fun and interactive way.

The Cheeky Bird Hammer Bench is a delightful and educational toy that will captivate your little one's attention and provide hours of exciting fun. Let their imagination soar as they explore the world of hammering and play with the adorable cheeky birds.

  • A hammering bench with a surprise effect: When one bird is knocked down, another one pops up at a different spot
  • A popular variation of the classic hammering bench
  • Hammering bench, hammer, and cutely designed birds are made of particularly robust wood
  • Brightly coloured, child-friendly design
  • Hammer is easy for children's hands to grasp and perfectly matched to the size of the birds
  • Promotes the development of motor skills
  • Trains hand-eye coordination
  • Increases reaction speed

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