Calm Down Tools Set

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Introducing our diverse collection of sensory and fidget toys, designed to cater to various needs in educational and home settings. Whether you're an educator, counselor, parent, or daycare professional, these tools are here to assist you in promoting focus, managing behavior, and helping children redirect their energy effectively.

Our assortment includes a range of vibrant and distinctive toys, each serving a unique purpose:

  1. Sensory Pom Pom: Soft, colorful, and tactile, these pom poms provide a soothing sensory experience, ideal for calming down and refocusing.

  2. Clack & Waggle Caterpillar: The rhythmic clacking and wiggling of this adorable caterpillar offer a fun and engaging way to keep children's attention while aiding concentration.

  3. Wood Fidget Puzzle: This tactile puzzle encourages problem-solving and fine motor skills, making it an excellent tool for enhancing focus and cognitive development.

  4. Sensory Noodle: These squishy noodles provide a satisfying tactile sensation, perfect for sensory-seeking individuals and a great tool to help redirect excess energy.

  5. Alphabet Soup Squeeze Ball: Squeeze, squish, and play with these textured balls while improving grip strength and relieving stress or anxiety.

These toys are not only visually appealing but also serve as effective sources of stimulation. They are specially designed to keep children engaged during lessons and provide a constructive outlet during challenging moments. Whether you're in a classroom, childcare facility, or at home, our sensory and fidget toys offer external sensory support that can be immensely beneficial.

Choose these tools to create a more inclusive and engaging environment for children with diverse needs. Help them thrive and reach their full potential with our versatile collection of sensory and fidget toys.

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