Bucket Blast Game

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15 party games in one! The games where Buckets, Bean Bags, and Water come together in a frenzy of physical fun! This versatile game keeps the action moving at any party or gathering.
Kids and adults toss, run, balance, chase, strategize, and team up for points and laughs.
The Bucket Blast Set includes 15 fun physical games for both indoor and outdoor use. Encourages team work and co-ordination skills. Suitable for up to 30 children, particularly for Special Educational needs.

  • Includes: 5 Indoor Games - Perfect for those rainy days! Be the first to capture four matching beanbags while passing them around in a circle.
  • Build team sportsmanship as you coach your team member to toss a beanbag into a bucket-while blindfolded!
  • Test your memory with beanbag concentration and more! 5 Outdoor Games - Keep kids on the move and having fun! Can you toss beanbags into the buckets? Sounds easy.
  • Right? How about if the bucket is on another players backside? Can you get your beanbags from the start to the finish line? Sandwich beanbags between two players in a hysterical relay race; balance beanbags on your body in a limbo line.
  • Discover more excitement with all the outdoor games.
  • 5 Water Games - No better way to cool off on a hot summer day! Race to the finish line with a bucket full of water strapped to your body! Play water balloon toss--without the balloon! Cool off while playing other refreshing and new water games!
  • This indoor/outdoor games set comes complete with: 6 Buckets, 6 Belts, 24 Beanbags, 6 Blindfolds, 4 Cones, 1 Totebag.

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