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The Blue Whale Bubble Machine is a delightful toy that brings the joy of bubbles into any play setting. Designed to look like a cute blue whale, this bubble machine is not only eye-catching but also highly functional, providing a continuous stream of bubbles for endless fun.

Bubble Blower Whale Features:

  • Easy to Use: Simply pour the included bubble solution into the whale's mouth, press the machine on, and enjoy the cascade of bubbles.

  • Continuous Fun: Once activated, the machine releases a consistent stream of bubbles, captivating children as they chase and pop them.

  • Inclusive Play: A hit among kids of all ages, this bubble machine makes an excellent addition to outdoor gatherings, parties, or everyday play.

  • Battery Operated: Requires 3 x AA batteries, making it portable and easy to set up in various locations.

  • Compact Design: With dimensions of approximately 12 x 8 x 9 cm, the bubble machine is small enough to be easily carried and stored, but big enough to produce a noticeable amount of bubbles. Colours may vary

  • Complete Package: Comes with both the whale-shaped machine and a bottle of bubble solution, so you can start the fun right away.

The Blue Whale Bubble Machine is a timeless classic that can elevate any playtime to a bubbly adventure. Its simple operation and continuous output make it a staple for family outings, children's parties, or simply as an everyday source of joy.

Whether you're at the park, in the garden, or in the living room, this bubble machine is sure to provide hours of good, clean fun.

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