Bigjigs City Road and Railway Set

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The Bigjigs City Road and Railway Set is a comprehensive playset that provides a myriad of opportunities for imaginative play.
The Bigjigs City Road and Railway Set is not just a simple track; it's a fully functioning network where trains and cars coexist, allowing for a more enriching play experience.

One of the great features is the level crossing where trains and cars meet, providing a realistic touch that can teach children about transportation safety.
The Bigjigs City Road and Railway Set also includes a station for passengers to wait, adding another layer of interactivity.
The boat for carrying passengers across the lake provides an additional mode of transportation, encouraging children to think about how different types of transit work together in a real-world setting.

Being a Bigjigs Road and Rail link item, this set offers the flexibility to interconnect with both railway tracks and roadways. This multi-functionality ensures that there is always something new for your child to explore, keeping their interest piqued for hours on end. With 108 play pieces, the set is expansive but also allows for further expansion with additional accessories, making it a toy that can grow with your child.

Compatibility with most other major wooden railway brands is another advantage, providing the option to integrate it with other sets your child might already own. This makes the Bigjigs City Road and Railway Set not just a standalone toy but a potential cornerstone for a larger, more complex play environment.

Bigjigs City Road and Railway Set

  • Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials.
  • Conforms to current European safety standards.
  • City Road and Railway Set.
  • Consists of 108 play pieces.
  • Width: 2.
  • 1m, Depth: 85cm (assembled).
  • Age 3+ years.
  • Most other major wooden railway brands are compatible with Bigjigs Rail.

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