Big Wheel - Dazzler - 16" Original

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Pedal-power in pink! The Big Wheel Dazzler is just like the Big Wheel Original, but this version has had a glamorous makeover. The classic oversized front wheel and chunky rear wheels are now bubblegum-pink and the handlebars and seat feature lovely shades of lavender and lilac.

The Big Wheel is a legendary kids trike that has been a family favourite since it burst onto the toy scene way back in 1969. It was designed to empower kids by giving them more independence and confidence. Ride on toys are also great for boosting youngsters’ gross motor skills and balance.

The Dazzler is durable, weather-resistant and built to last, featuring an adjustable seat that grows with your child. Suitable for kids aged 3+ years.

Big Wheel Dazzler 16” product features:

  • Big Wheel Original (pink version)
  • Battery-free ride on toy
  • Oversized 16-inch front wheel
  • Wide rear wheels for stability
  • Adjustable seat
  • Suitable for 3+ years

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