Belly Bump Junior 2 pack

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Junior Belly Bump Balls are a great way to get active! Have a blast with these big red raspberry that will get you moving, laughing, bumping and bouncing.
The Belly Bump Ball Junior is made from heavy duty, durable vinyl and inflates to 45cm diameter.
Once you’ve got your arms and legs into it you can crash into your friends, roll around the floor or bounce around in the garden – whatever you do, you’ll have loads of belly laughs.
Belly Bump Ball Junior is great for both indoor and outdoor play (but not in water), so you can play with it in the home, the garden, or on the beach.
Each Belly Bump Ball Junior is ideal for improving balance and coordination and terrific for encouraging physical exercise.
  • The multiple air chambers give it cushioned support so you can roll around safely.
  • Belly Bump Balls can be inflated with a foot pump, a hand pump, a low pressure electric pump, or by mouth.
  • A repair patch is included.
  • Contents: 2 x Belly Bump Ball Junior

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