Bath Time Fun Kit

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The Bath Time Fun Kit is your ultimate solution for adding excitement and relaxation to your child's bath time routine.
Designed to create a calming and enjoyable experience, this kit includes a collection of sensory lights and engaging ideas that will instantly elevate your child's bath time.

Let your child explore their musical side with the Water Flutes, a unique set of flutes designed to be filled with water, allowing your child to create beautiful melodies while they splash around in the tub.

The Gelli Play is another fantastic addition to the kit, turning the bath water into a colorful and gooey sensory experience. Watch as your child's imagination runs wild as they squish and play with the squishy and slippery gelli texture.

Enhance your child's visual sensory experience with the Magic Animal Mirror. This magical mirror changes colors when submerged in water, providing a mesmerizing and calming effect for your little one.

Transform the bath time environment with the two Bath Spa Lights. These water-proof LED lights not only create a captivating play of colors, but also emit a soft soothing glow, enhancing the overall ambience of the bath time.

The kit would not be complete without the three Light Up Bath Ducks. These adorable floating ducks light up in different colors when placed in water, bringing playful charm to your child's bath time experience.

The Bath Time Fun Kit offers tremendous value, providing multiple sensory experiences at an affordable price. It is the perfect gift for children who enjoy exploring their senses and creating magical moments during bath time.

Kit contains:

  • 1 x Water Flutes

  • 1 x Gelli Play

  • 1 x Magic Animal Mirror

  • 2 x Bath Spa Lights

  • 3 Light Up Bath Ducks

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