Balance Stepping Stones

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Introducing the Double-Sided Sensory Stepping Stones - the versatile playtime companion that offers an array of exciting features on each side.
The Balance Stepping Stones are crafted from sturdy, natural birch, these stepping stones are built to withstand endless hours of play.

Designed to promote balance, posture, agility, and gross motor skills, our sensory stepping stones are a must-have for any active child. With their unique double-sided design, children can explore different textures and sensory sensations as they step on the engraved sides.

But it doesn't stop there - our stepping stones are also educational!

Featuring numbers from 0 to 9, kids can learn to count while maneuvering through their very own floor is lava obstacle course.
The bright patterns on each rock serve as a fun and engaging way to teach colors, making learning a delightful experience.

But that's not all - we've incorporated additional elements to boost their creativity and cognitive skills. By tracing the engravings on these balance stepping stones, children can enhance their drawing and writing abilities.

And with the included tic tac toe game, they can further develop their focus and problem-solving skills, all while enjoying a friendly competition.

Whether it's at daycare or during those moments of boredom at home, the  Double-Sided Sensory Stepping Stones will captivate and educate your child. Invest in their growth and development with this multifunctional playtime essential.

Get yours today and watch as their balance, coordination, and confidence soar to new heights.

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