Back In Time Dinosaur Counters Set of 72

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Welcome to a world where learning meets fun! The unique and attractive Back In Time Dinosaur Counters™ are here to infuse vibrancy and excitement into early maths activities. These counters aren’t just educational tools; they are colorful buddies turning every learning session into a joyful adventure!

🌈 Vibrant & Engaging:

With their modern design and bright colors - Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Purple, these dinosaur counters are set to captivate young minds, keeping them engaged and making learning a delightful experience.

📚 Educational & Fun:

The stylish design and vivid colors of the dinosaur counters are ideal for early maths fun, helping children explore and understand mathematical concepts in a playful manner.

🦖 Details & Dimensions:

  • Counters Measurement: 6cm H
  • Set Includes: 72 dinosaur counters, with 12 of each color, ensuring a variety of options for different activities.
  • Storage: Comes in a useful storage bucket, making it easy to keep them organized.
  • Extras: Includes an activity guide to help create engaging learning experiences.

🎁 Ideal Learning Companion:

These dinosaur counters are not just attractive but also highly functional, serving as the perfect educational companion to help young learners develop their counting and sorting skills, all while having loads of fun!

🌿 Convenient & Practical:

The included storage bucket and activity guide make it convenient to store and enriching to use, making learning more practical and organized.

🌟 Embark on a Learning Adventure! 🌟

The Back In Time Dinosaur Counters™ (Set of 72) is more than just a set of counters; it’s a gateway to exploration and discovery in the world of maths. It’s the colorful companion every young learner needs to make their learning journey more enjoyable and fruitful. Gift this set to a young learner and watch them roar with excitement and curiosity as they delve into the world of numbers and dinosaurs!

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