Atomic Fidget Ball Metallic

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 Twist, squeeze and fidget this puzzling Atomic Fidget Ball. Made up of a selection of elasticated squeezy balls that can be moved around in groups of two, this wacky fidget toy is super
fun to play with! Ideal for use as a sensory toy to enhance mental focus, or simply as a stress reliever during long car journeys, the Atomic Fidget Ball is a useful and addictive sensory toy that kids won't want to put down.

Whether you fidget with it or solve one of the puzzles, Icosa will keep your hands busy! Twist and turn your way to a multitude of patterns with this amazing fidget ball. Can you arrange the atoms so that each color is in a group, or so that same colors never touch? A fun way to build concentration and critical thinking.

Addictive, gratifying and smooth movement

  • Roll and stretch the soft resistance atoms
  • Twist your way to a multitude of patterns
  • Enjoy the tactile stimulation & fidget factor


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