Alertz Electronic Noise Management System

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Alertz® is a highly visual, noise alert/control system with a host of benefits and features designed to aid in the reduction of noise levels within classrooms, exam settings, hospitals, libraries, corridors and many other areas where noise is a problem.
The traffic light system allows quick response using either the lights, siren, or recordable voice announcements.

  • As noise levels increase, lights change from green (acceptable), to amber (noise level rising) to red (too noisy). 
  • The adjustable sound level meter enables noise levels to be set from 50dB up to 110dB. A digital counter records the number of times the red light is activated, thus providing further support for a teacher.
  • Alertz® is supplied with a remote control, is mains and/or battery powered, and can be table or wall mounted.
  • Size: 38 x 12 x 8 cm

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